Spiegel Property Damage Consulting and Forensics provides water damage and water intrusion evaluations. We use electronic moisture detection equipment and thermal imaging infrared equipment to find hidden moisture.

We have extensive knowledge and field experience in water damage mitigation and restoration. We assess damages and prepare cost damage appraisals. We are Third Party Evaluators reviewing work performed by others. Our services encompass building moisture evaluation, structural drying, wet contents, subsequent mold growth, ground water problems, sewer back up issues, water damaged crawl spaces, and determine if building design defects are causing water and mold problems and more.

We are Expert Witnesses, Consultants, Third Party Evaluators, and Property Damage Assessors and Appraisers experienced in court, deposition, appraisal process, arbitration, and mediation.

If you are looking for water damage forensic services, please contact us today.

Water Damage Consulting and Forensic Services:

•Structural drying projects and drying issues
•Water damage mitigation procedures and costs
•Specify all procedures and the amount drying equipment needed for the project
•Develop or review a scope of work for restorative drying
•Review restoration contractors drying plans and equipment usage
•Water damage to Contents and Furnishings
•Analysis of work performed by water damage contractors and review
•Review contractors and sub-contractor invoices
•Determine if dry down was performed as per IICRC S500 Industry Standards
•Provide verification that wet structural materials have been successfully or unsuccessfully dried
•Dry down clearance verification
•We monitor drying projects
•Water Damage Cause & Origin Investigations
•Sudden and Immediate or Long term Damage
•Water losses resulting from floods, ground water, fires, storms, hurricanes, broken pipes, construction defects etc.
•Water Intrusion Reconstruction & Replacement Cost Appraisals
•Restoration Cost Analysis
•Sewer Back Up Standards of Care
•Concrete In-Situ relative Humidity Testing and Concrete calcium chloride vapor emission testing
•Did the Water Intrusion cause Mold Growth
•Crawl Space water damage
•Mold Remediation Standards of Care (IICRC S5200)
•Create a written report with conclusions and recommendations
•Document findings with digital photography and infrared images