Spiegel Property Damage Consulting and Forensics specializes in legal cases, third party evaluation and consulting related to mold and bacterial contamination as well as indoor air quality problems and people suffering with multiple chemical sensitivity.

We provide services to attorneys, insurance adjusters, homeowner’s, contractors, building owners, property mgrs., schools and medical facilities. Services include industry standards and practices, protocols and procedures, costs to remediate structures and contents, and interpretation of microbial testing reports.

We are Expert Witnesses, Consultants, Third Party Evaluators, and Property Damage Assessors and Appraisers experienced in court, deposition, appraisal process, arbitration, and mediation.

If you are looking for any of these mold and bacteria removal services, please contact us today.

Mold & Bacteria Consulting and Forensic Services

•Structural mold remediation cost appraisals
•Contents decontamination appraisal costs
•Decontamination of contents vs. discarding (hard goods, soft goods, clothing etc)
•Analysis of legal case documents
•Create written reports with conclusions and recommendations
•Construction repair cost appraisals following remediation demolition
•Industry Standards of Care for water damage and mold remediation (IICRC S520 & S500)
•Condition #1 Condition # 2 Condition #3
•Mold Remediation concerns and problems
•Containments and engineering controls
•Indoor Environmental Problems (particulates, chemicals, odors and voc’s)
•Testing and Sampling
•In-Situ concrete relative humidity testing and calcium chloride vapor emission testing
•Interpreting Hygienists Reports
•Evaluating microbial testing strategies
•Evaluating pre microbial testing and post remediation clearance verification
•Crawlspace mold contamination
•Loss Assessment & Evaluation
•Structural drying strategies and procedures
•Vapor Transfer & Vapor Pressure
•Building Design & Mold Problems
•Evaluating work performed by water damage contractors, mold remediation contractors and building contractors
•Water intrusion resulting in mold growth and subsequent damages
•Sewage Back Flow
•Infection Control, mold and nosocomial problems in medical facilities
•Infrared Building Inspections and moisture content readings
•Locating Hidden Moisture & Water Intrusion Cause and Origin
•Mold related to: exterior water intrusion, plumbing leaks, new construction related mold, water sprinklers, ground water, slab leaks, leaking showers and high relative humidity.
•Real Estate Transactions and Mold