Spiegel Property Damage Consulting and Forensics are experts in flooring and flooring forensics. Our services include determining if floors can be salvaged and what caused the damage.

We also prepare replacement cost estimates for un-restorable damaged floors, which includes carpets, wood, stone, tile ceramic and marble floors. We conduct cause and origin investigations; investigate manufacturer defects and installation flooring problems. We evaluate both residential and commercial flooring.

We are experienced with insurance claims and are water and fire damage experts. We are Expert Witnesses, Consultants, Third Party Evaluators and Property Damage Assessors and Appraisers, experienced in court, deposition, appraisal process, arbitration, and mediation.

If you are looking for flooring forensic services, please contact us today.

Flooring Consulting and Forensic Services:

•Flooring site-inspections
•Determine if Damage is related to Loss
•Determine if Floors can be salvaged
•Cause & Origin Investigations
•Flooring Repair & Replacement Cost Appraisals
•Place value on damaged floors and coverings
•Concrete Vapor Emission Testing and In-Situ relative humidity concrete testing
•Manufacturer Defects Investigations
•Installation related problems
•Floor Cleaning & Installation Standards
•Create a written report with conclusions and recommendation
•Digital photo documentation