Spiegel Property Damage Consulting and Forensics offers investigative services associated with fire damage, smoke damage and wildfire smoke residue. Services include wildfire smoke residue testing; provide cost damage appraisals for smoke residue restoration of interiors and exteriors of residences and commercial buildings.

We also provide cost damage appraisal costs for the smoke residue restoration of all interior contents. We are experts regarding smoke residues, removal methods, removing fire odors, and accessing all damages. We are experienced with insurance claims investigations involving fire and smoke damage restoration and indoor air quality concerns.

We are expert witnesses, Consultants, Third Party Evaluators, and Property Damage Assessors and Appraisers experienced in court, deposition, appraisal process, arbitration and mediation.

If you are looking for fire damage forensic services, please contact us today.

Fire Damage Consulting and Forensic Services:

•Structural fires and settled smoke from other fire sources
•Thorough inspection and diagnosis of damage
•Required emergency services
•Building Restoration of smoke residues and odor to exterior and interior
•Contents Restoration (personal property, furnishings, soft goods and clothing etc}
•Clearly define the scope of work for both restoration and repair
•Water damage to structure and contents due to the fire
•Reconstruction costs subsequent to the fire for both the interior and exterior
•Specialty Contents fine art works, antiques, pianos, oriental rugs, electronics etc.
•Evaluate workmanship has restoration restored to pre-damage condition
•Heat Damage
•Thermal Shock
•Removal of fire residues
•Wildfire smoke particulate testing
•Odors caused by fire and smoke and deodorization procedures
•Chemical damage and acid residues caused by fires
•Restoration vs. Replacement
•Evaluate work performed by restoration and building contractors
•Create a written report with conclusions and recommendation
•Digital photo documentation
WILDFIRE residue contents and structure
•Smoke Residues: wet smoke, dry smoke, plastic smoke residue, protein residue, furnace soot, candle residue cigarette smoke residue and tear gas